A Surprising Life Lesson Learned!

September 21, 2016


Do you ever feel completely overwhelmed, stressed out and just can’t seem to get a grip on life?  Your emotions are over the top to the point of, “you’re almost in tears.”


What the h… is going on?


Don’t get me wrong, crying never hurt anyone, in fact, it’s a great way to release some of the pressure and the crap that we’re holding onto.


So now we come to the conclusion that life just sucks. So why do we live a sucky life when we don’t have to?


We are our own worst enemy. Talk about sabotage!


We create everything that appears in our reality whether we like it or not. So why not put aside the crap and create a life we love. Who wouldn’t want that kind of power?


Just think, we can create whatever we darn well, please. It’s not rocket science but it does take some time and commitment and most of all AWARENESS.


Here’s the thing….whatever we accept as truth is what creates our reality.


We often accept other people’s truths, but just because it’s true for them doesn’t mean it’s true for us.


We aren’t sheep, even though we act like it sometimes.  We have our own mind, our own thoughts, our own personalities, and our own feelings.


If somebody says something, or we read something and it doesn’t feel right, then it’s because it’s not our truth.  This is where we get the choice of taking their truth on as our own or just accepting it as their truth and moving on.  We don’t have to make it part of our reality and yet so many times we do.


We get to create the reality we want.





When we experience things in our life that cause us a lot of pain and suffering, we can’t accept the fact that we would actually be dumb enough to create such a thing and we may even be angry at ourselves.


On the other side of it, we may be in denial of creating it.  Taking full responsibility for what we create is taking us from a place of victim and blame to a place of power.


Heck, I don’t always like my reality but the more I own it and take responsibility for it, opportunities for me to change it start to open up.


Nothing happens to us without our permission. We get to learn and grow from our experiences.


Let’s face it, when we own the fact that we create whatever appears in our reality, we take back our power and cease to be a victim any longer. Powerful eh?


It seems outrageous at first because we don’t see where we have control over things in our life like accidents, illnesses, environmental events or things that we’re born with.


Many of the beliefs that we have were formed before we were even born.  What we believe is what we think and what we think and how we respond to those thoughts is what creates our reality.


If we aren’t the creators of our life then we are the victim of our circumstances. Plain and simple.


How would you rather live your life?


Let’s face it, we are the creators of this challenging, painful, wonderful, amazing, crappy, life sucks reality.


Many years ago, a dear friend of mine came to see me one day saying that he didn’t feel he was going to live to be 50. His dad died of stomach cancer on his 49th birthday and he figured the same thing was going to happen to him. He told me that he had felt this way since his dad passed away. This was what he accepted as his truth! He really believed that the same thing would happen to him.


I told him that the fact his father passed away at the age of 49 from cancer had no bearing on his life but that whatever he believed did.


He looked at me and said, “Vera, I have thought about this from the day my dad died and I really believe that it will happen and I’m scared to death.”  At this point, there was no telling him any different. This is what he truly believed.


The next week, we met at a gathering, he had just celebrated his 49th birthday. During the event, he wasn’t feeling well. He was experiencing severe stomach pain. As it was an event I was hosting, another friend of mine took him to the emergency at our local hospital.  They were going to do tests to see what was going on.


The next day I was on my way to the hospital and found out that he had been transported to Vancouver hospital.  It was 5 hours away from where I lived and so the next day I went down to see him. The doctor informed me that he had stomach cancer and only 3 weeks to live. I immediately burst into tears. I was devastated. He passed away 3 weeks later.


I tell you this story because it taught me a huge lesson. When you think about something so much it becomes your reality and you eventually will manifest it in the physical body.  I have seen this happen in other situations as well and for me, this was life changing.


When you really believe something it becomes your reality and when you live that reality day in and day out, it will manifest.


I pray that this will impact your life to the point that you change what you are creating if it isn’t something that you wish for.  Don’t be a victim to your beliefs. Stand up for want you want and not for what you don’t want. Live your truth! You can do it!  You can create any reality you want, there are no limits.


Stop thinking of those things that aren’t what you want to experience and imagine things getting even better. Think of things that are going well in your life.


Stop listening to those thoughts that are telling you’re not going to get better or you can’t have what you want. Be aware of what you’re saying to people because that just gives the thought more juice.


Imagine things working and going well. Imagine yourself as being healthy. Don’t succumb to your negative beliefs and thoughts. You are a powerful being who has the ability to choose and create your heart’s desire.  Allow the goodness into your life and celebrate all of it.


Let it happen!