Secrets of the Soul  with Vera


"My experience is something I will never forget. Vera's coaching helped teach me how to love myself and how to let go of all the negative feelings that were tearing me down. She has been loving, nurturing and extremely patient with me in my journey of self-discovery. I have completely changed my life for the better. I am forever grateful that Vera was brought into my life.” 


“When I first met Vera I was in a terrible place in my life and in my mind and with her help I have been able to really get to the bottom and root of some of my behaviors and actions. With Vera’s help I have been put on a path that I am ever so grateful for and will always continue to follow.

"My days are much easier and brighter since working with Vera. Thanks again.


Vera is exceptional at digging deeper with her questions while also providing a safe space. My questions were always answered with great depth and wisdom - I felt cared for and supported- and because of that, I was able to tap into my own inner strength and face much of what I now know I have been trying to avoid. Thank you Vera for the wonderful kickstart to my evolution, it has been eye-opening and life-changing."


Vera has done two readings for me. The first helped me change long-term patterns of physical pain, and the second helped me with abundance and relationship issues. It turns out that in a long-ago lifetime, I had been unfaithful to my partner and had now taken on both the obvious relationship karma but also decided I was worthless. Vera helped me release both those patterns in a gentle, safe way. I am grateful for her knowledge and support and highly recommend her services.


Vera has given me insights into some of my biggest blocks and area’s of life where I was weakest and empowered me with tools to move forward and start anew. I started to change internally…. beliefs, thoughts, and attitudes instead of struggling to change outer circumstances.


"I feel connected, now all day!! I have such a sense of peace inside. In the past I may have only gotten a taste, moments, of the deep peace I’m feeling. I really do feel the world is my oyster. I just can’t wait to start building a new life for myself. A HAPPY, LOVING BEAUTIFUL life. Thanks to you."


"I used to feel like if I had something good happen and it made me happy, that I would jinx it and ruin it... Now I feel more confident in my choices and what I am creating."


"I just had my phone session with Vera and WOW! I had chased the issue of financial lack for over 25 years. After my session there was a major shift and I was able to clear up many related memories, pictures and references that were holding me back. Thank you Vera for helping me climb "my Mount Everest!


“Vera’s vast knowledge and experience of the inner being helped me be at one with my inner spirit, teaching me how to cleanse my body of negative feelings, anxiety, and center my body, mind and spirit.”


“The emotional stability I feel is very exciting as it is allowing me to move forward and make some very big changes in relationships, including with myself.”


"The insight, transformation and change I received was dynamic and yet easy!  I did not even imagine that such emotions and feelings would surface!  I am so grateful to you for being with me, utterly present& gentle."


" I’m much more aware of my thoughts and feelings now and I’m now able to deal with them and let them go. I feel calm, peaceful and confident with upcoming challenges and I’m so much happier with myself.”


Much love and respect to you Vera, I have to say this jumping out of excitement. For the first time ever that I could remember! am experiencing the miracle behind every breath I take! I want to scream that to the world. what a wonderful blissful Universe we're living in. Thank you for making me experience that."


"Vera's reading for me was amazing. She told me about things I had explored in hypnotherapy many years ago and hadn't told anyone about. The really interesting thing about the reading was how she wove together all of these events and lives in a way that I could see was impacting this life. I highly recommend her reading for anyone who is trying to get on with their lives but feels blocked by some unforeseen force or energy. She had remarkable clarity during my reading!"