6 Powerful Ways To Live A More Stress-Free Life

July 8, 2013


Everyone experiences some type of stress in their lives. Extreme stress can be very harmful to our well-being. Unfortunately, we live in a society where stress is a given. Women tend to be stressed out more than men due to the fact that women have much more to be stress out about. They are also much more emotional than men so things affect them a lot differently.

We are constantly having to be the multitasker, taking on the role of the mother, wife, child-bearer, and housekeeper while most often trying to hold down a job or business. On top of that, we’re dealing with our womanly impositions.

So how can we prevent or at least reduce the amount of stress in our lives?

1. Stop ignoring what you want and ask for it.

Asking for what you want can be such a relief. Rather than hinting around and being evasive, just say it. If you want more time with your partner, tell him. When you want a raise or a higher position at work, ask for it. The thing is when you don’t ask no one knows what you want. Your life will be much less stressful when you do!

2. Always speak from your heart.

When you speak from the heart you will never have to worry about anyone misunderstanding you or misinterpreting what you say. There’s nothing superficial about it. You feel good because you expressed yourself authentically. You have a clear conscience knowing that you spoke your Truth. Never let anything go unsaid.

3. Avoid Procrastination.

There’s something you want to get done. Don’t put it off until tomorrow. Tomorrow never comes. You have a project that’s awaiting your attention. The sooner you get it done the sooner you can relax and not worry about it. Create a way to make it fun. Manage your time by scheduling when you will do each task. Have a timeline for completion so you know exactly when you will be done. Now you can sit back and enjoy without feeling guilty.

4. Learn to Relax.

Relaxation and rest are key to reducing the stress in our lives. Deep breathing is an amazing exercise. It helps to balance you and is wonderful for relieving any kind of stress that you’re feeling. Take time throughout your day to breathe. As women, we tend to put everything and everyone else before ourselves. This can not only affect us emotionally but it can play havoc on our physical state. Sacrificing our health and well-being is a choice. Choose to take time for yourself!

5. Create a new relationship with money.

One of the biggest stresses in life is worrying about not having enough money. Be mindful of what you’re spending and set a monthly budget. Avoid spending more than you’re making. Create a sense of accountability around your spending. Consider what you’re spending your money on and whether it feels good to you or not. Set intentions for your financial future and make sure that what you’re spending your money on lines up with your intentions. Discover creative ways you can generate income so you no longer worry. Learn to love money and celebrate whenever you receive it, no matter how much it is,

6. Slow down.

Choose to slow down. Living in the fast lane is bound to create stress in your life. Stay focused on one thing at a time. Multitasking can be problematic. Silence is golden! Seek out silence at least once a day. Spend time just being in the moment. Go for a walk, take a bubble bath, or just simply focus on your breathing for a few minutes.  Meditation is also a great way to create balance in your life and allow you time to connect with yourself.

There are many ways to live a more stress-free life. Beginning to incorporate some of these things will definitely help you. The bottom line is that stress isn’t something that happens to us; it’s something that we experience through choice. Our choice to worry about things is one of the biggest instigators of stress.

Someone once said to me, if you worry why do you pray and if you pray, why do you worry. For me, as someone who constantly worried about everything, it changed everything.