Living Your Divine Self-Expression

September 4, 2016


Although I don’t watch much television, there was a new children’s variety show that I felt really drawn to last night. It was the season premiere of Little Big Shots, which was created by Steve Harvey and Ellen DeGeneres. As I sat and watched in profound amazement as these kids performed and expressed their talents, I was truly inspired.


I have noticed over the last 10 years that there are more of these children, often referred to as child prodigies and Crystal children, that are populating our planet. I found myself asking the same question over and over again. How do these young children do what they do?


As I continued to watch these extremely talented kids, the answer came to me. They have no fear or thoughts about not being able to do what they want to do. It doesn’t even occur to them that they can’t do it. It’s in their consciousness that they can, and so there’s no question in their mind as to whether they are capable of it or not. They see no limitation of their potential and no preconceived notions or self-judgments that keep them from presenting their talents.


These children are living their Divine Self-Expression, free to be who they are. They haven’t developed all of the inner dialogue that we as adults have. As adults, if we see ourselves as incapable of doing something, there is most likely a feeling of, “I’m not good enough underlying it”. We may then express ourselves as being shy or introverted, or as being an angry person; or perhaps we may not express ourselves at all.


These children are mirrors for us to see the child within us and to help us understand that there is more to us than what we see. They help us see ourselves through our possibilities rather than our limitations. They are here to show us that as Divine Beings, anything is possible and our potential is greater than we ever imagined. There are no limits on what we want to accomplish in our lives unless we put them there ourselves.


When we strip away all of the fear based consciousness, we are an all-knowing, unlimited, infinite Being; living the true Self-Expression of who we are, which is “LOVE.”