Relationships and Spiritual Growth

June 16, 2012









Relationships are an extremely valuable gift that allows us to see things in ourselves that we wouldn’t otherwise get to see, which is an important aspect when it comes to our Spiritual growth and evolution.


As we grow and evolve we can become less connected in our present relationships. We may feel discontented, or dissatisfied.  Maybe we don’t feel supported in the same way, or perhaps these things are just becoming more noticeable as we evolve. This can cause a feeling of imbalance and disharmony in the relationship.


Our Spiritual growth supports us on our journey to remembering who we truly are and guides us on our path to enlightenment.  During the evolutionary process we begin to realize and understand things about ourselves that we were unable to see before and so our relationships may appear different; so what was once meaningful and important, may no longer feel that way.


This can happen especially when we’re not on the same Spiritual path. It can end up driving a wedge between us and, therefore, we begin making choices that are not serving us, in order to fix the relationship.  This can apply to any relationship, whether it’s intimate or not. 


We often remain in relationships that aren’t enhancing or supporting our spiritual growth and therefore we become stuck and unable to see the possibilities, that exist beyond that relationship. 


The thought of being alone frightens us.  We begin to feel the  pressure of having to survive and wondering how we will do it on our own.  Quite often there’s an emotional attachment to our relationships, which makes it more difficult for us to change the situation. 


It’s easy to become emotionally attached without even realizing it because we’re trying to satisfy an underlying emotional need that we have.  For example, we may have been looking for acceptance and/or support through this relationship and when it doesn’t happen it’s like losing our ability to be accepted and supported. 


Now, I would like to share a different perspective with you.


Your relationship with yourself is where meaningful relationships begin. The more we can love and accept ourselves the more love and acceptance we will see in our relationships. In the 3rd dimensional world we perceive relationships as something that we have with someone else, but how can that be if we are all one?


 If our existence is based on human relationships, in which we know are a reflection of what we’re thinking and feeling, then wouldn’t it make total sense that it is us, that we are in conflict with, it is us that we are disconnected from, it is us that we feel unsupported, dissatisfied and discontented with?


If we aren’t able to have a meaningful relationship with ourselves then how can we expect to have one outside of ourselves? Everything outside of us is just a reflection of what’s going on inside of us! Let me say that again. Everything outside of us is just a reflection of what’s going on inside of us!


Everything begins with us.


This isn’t about blaming or condemning ourselves in any way.  It’s about taking ownership for what we’re creating.  Whether or not we choose to end the relationship or not, if we haven’t made the changes within ourselves that are affecting our current circumstances, then we will most likely attract the same type of relationship again.  This can go on for years.


We always attract people to our lives that are a vibrational match for us at the time. As we grow and evolve Spiritually, we are raising our vibration and we begin to feel and see things differently. We are all on a Spiritual journey, whether we understand it or not. Acceptance of where other’s are in their lives is important to their growth and well-being just as it is to ours.


Honoring each other’s Spiritual growth and knowing when it’s time to let go, is the greatest gift you can give to each other.


In closing, I would like to share a quote with you, that I feel really signifies a loving and meaningful relationship.



The purpose of relationship
is not to have another who might complete you,
but to have another with whom
you might share your completeness.

~ Neale Donald Walsch ~