Separation – A Limiting Belief

February 17, 2015



Many of us have been taught from birth that there’s a separation that exists between ourselves, the Divine Source, and from each other. The truth is that everything exists as one. We are all connected to everyone and everything including Divine Source.


It’s a belief in separation rather than unity which limits us in what we are capable of manifesting in our lives.  This comes both from those inside as well as outside of any major religion.


 When we believe in separation we see things outside of ourselves and take no responsibility for our part in the creation of it.  We see things that are happening in the world and turn a blind eye as if we played no part in the creation. We blame and judge others not realizing that it’s us that we are judging and blaming.


 When we understand unity we see everything that exists as a part of us.  Unity is Unconditional Love.


We underestimate our power to create because of our belief in separation.  We believe that there is something greater out there that is not part of us but separate from us.  This is the illusion that we live our lives from.  It’s our reality. We believe that because our physical form is different we cannot be of the same oneness.


“Our separation from each other is an optical illusion”

Albert Einstein


More and more people are becoming aware of who they really are.  They are dissolving the illusion of separation and awakening to their true self.  It isn’t easy as there are many teachings that contradict the concept of separation.  Many of us are raised with the belief that Divine Source is outside of us and that we have to please a higher power in order to be saved. In some religions we have even been taught that we are being judged by Divine Source as to what will happen to us when we transition.


I remember as a child being so afraid that if I did anything bad that I would go to hell.


As we begin to awaken to the truth everything becomes much clearer.  There’s a sense of peace and calmness that we begin to experience.  We’re on this planet for one reason and one reason only and that is to learn and remember who you truly are.  Understanding Unity will improve the path to enlightenment.


 Imagine how empowered, trusting, and loving everyone would be if they knew without a doubt that they are one with the Source of all life.


We are one with everything and everyone. Our true existence is relational.


With this understanding we begin to see that,


  • whatever we do to another, we do to ourselves.
  • we are here to express our Divine gifts and live our Purpose.
  • everything we experience and everyone that comes into our lives is a mirror for us to see   something deeper within us.
  •  we are not separate from anyone or anything
  •  we are powerful are more powerful than we could ever imagine
  •  everything that we feel impacts everything and everyone around us


The more we separate ourselves, the more struggle and pain we experience.  As one we get to impact the world at a much higher level and become unstoppable in our own experience.


“The problem is that we have allowed our egos, the part of us which believes that we are separate from God and separate from each other, to dominate our lives.”   Wayne Dyer