The #1 Problem That Keeps You Feeling Stuck

October 10, 2016


Whether we feel stuck in our relationships, our jobs, or our business, the #1 underlying Problem is feeling undervalued. It’s also one of the most difficult problems to realize and therefore it’s easy to miss.


For example, I was really struggling with the idea of taking on a specific project at one time, that really intrigued me. I felt it would be a great way to enhance my business while at the same time I could nurture my inner most desire, to help people live a more peaceful and fulfilled life.


What I did know was that this was something I really wanted to do, yet I felt literally stuck? Every time I would go to take action towards accomplishing it, I would always find something else to do, which had nothing to do with the project. I would constantly procrastinate in getting what I needed to do, done.


What I didn’t know was, why?


Most of the time when we’re asked the question, “Do You Value Yourself?” The answer is yes, of course, I do. When we take a deeper look into the unconscious part of ourselves, we discover differently.


Not valuing ourselves shows up in all areas of our life, yet it’s the problem that we least notice. When we don’t value ourselves then we can’t possibly value the work that we do or the greater part of ourselves that is greater than our problems.


Here are some things that most often occur when you don’t value yourself:


• You tend to procrastinate on things that will move you forward — taking action stops you dead in your tracks.

• You give far more than you receive.

• You compare yourself and your work to others.

• You don’t feel like you measure up to others and what you have to offer isn’t valuable enough.

• You feel the need to be an expert or unique in what you do for it to work.

• You invest in all kinds of programs to better yourself, only to experience a feeling of adequacy.

• You take care of everyone else but yourself.

• Your working a dead end job because you see no way out.

• You may feel that you can’t do something because you aren’t quite there yet.


When you don’t value yourself, you don’t see yourself as the grandest thing. You’re wanting something to happen that’s already happened.


How we view ourselves affects how we live our life, what we do and how we do it.


Here are some things you can do to start valuing yourself right away:


• Respect yourself and the efforts you make. Always give yourself credit and celebrate the things that you do, even the little things.

• Believe in yourself a little bit more every day. You already are unique in who you are and the qualities that you have.

• Acknowledge your greatness.

• Take time to ponder and realize who you are moment by moment.

• Take care of yourself first. Honor your own needs and as you do, you will honor the lives of others.

• Realize that no one can do the things that you do, in the same way, that you do them. Stop comparing yourself with others and/or the work that they do.

• Understand that you are special in your own Beingness.

• Be compassionate with yourself.

• Hold the value in your energy. Value is about presence, it’s in your Beingness.


It’s your choice to value yourself and as you do, it will raise your vibration, which will have a profound effect on what you create for your life.