Secrets of the Soul with Vera




The Pathway to Emotional, Physical and Spiritual Freedom

"My experience is something I will never forget. Vera's coaching helped teach me how to love myself and how to let go of all the negative feelings that were tearing me down. She has been loving, nurturing and extremely patient with me in my journey of self-discovery. I have completely changed my life for the better. I am forever grateful that Vera was brought into my life.”





The truth is, we all want to experience those kinds of relationships that make our heart sing. We all want to feel empowered in any given situation so that we can live a life of freedom and joy. The problem is that we give our power away by holding onto limitations and emotional attachments that keep us feeling stuck both emotionally and physically.


 There are patterns that we’re constantly running which keep us reliving the same relationships over and over again. Many times we blame ourselves because our relationships aren’t working even though deep down we’re doing everything we can to make it work.


We start to feel helpless in a situation that we so badly want to change.


We may even find that we’re battling with ourselves over what’s right or wrong, what we should or shouldn’t do or even say and sometimes the more we try to resolve the situation the more emotionally painful it becomes.


Emotional situations are rarely what they seem at first, but with patience and courage, even your most challenging moments can be understood and integrated in healthy ways. With supportive coaching, you acquire skills for increased clarity and stability. It is amazing how quickly you can transform old patterns and create sustainable change.


Mind, Spirit, and Body Performance coaching is specifically designed to support and help you in creating and attracting loving, passionate and fulfilling relationships and enhancing current relationships that have become stagnant.


We will work together to shift the emotions and limitations that are keeping you feeling emotionally and physically stuck, allowing you to experience the freedom you deserve.


As your coach,


  • I will provide an environment where you feel safe and supported.
  • Together we will discover what's really holding you back.
  • I will hold nothing back.  I'm here to help you transform your relationships.
  • I will hold the space for you to become stronger and more confident in the choices that you make.
  • I will never judge you. Instead I will always see the greatness within you.


Are you ready to create new types of relationships by implementing tools that heal your spirit, mind, and body?


Take a step toward new levels of personal and professional success and satisfaction. Contact me today, let’s engage in a “Discovery Session” and see what’s possible for YOU!