Secrets of the Soul with Vera







 Secrets of the Soul with Vera







Soul Realignment Practitioner, Energy Healer, Teacher and Spiritual Coach

      “I Believe in YOU!”


My Mission:


My Mission is to Coach, Teach, Empower and Inspire women to Discover their Soul-Self and unleash their Spiritual potential so they can live a more carefree and abundant life.


Hi there, I’m Vera and I’m so excited you stopped by.


When you come to the “Meet Vera” page, what is it you really want to know? I know when I check on pages like this, I want to get a “feel” for the person I’m checking out. I want to see if it's someone I resonate with. I want to know if they will have compassion for my situation and understand me. I want a compassionate, caring and authentic person who will share their expertise with me, who has integrity, who will support me and hold me accountable without being judgmental. 


I continuously work towards being that person - the person I would trust with my own well being.


As an Spiritual Life Coach and Soul Realignment® Professional,  my passion and commitment is to help You create a more carefree and abundant life.


The truth is, I've experienced many challenges and setbacks in my life. There were times when I struggled just to get through the day. Between work, my family and all the obligations I felt I had to fulfill, there was very little time for me.


I was definitely a people-pleaser, always trying to make everyone in my life happy, never taking time for myself, feeling overwhelmed and anxious most of the time.


The turning point –Enough is Enough!


One day I got to the place where I had enough. I no longer wanted to live my life this way, but I wasn't sure what to do to change it.  A friend of mine put me in touch with a coach that she knew, which was a pivotal moment in my life. 


Through the help of my coach I experienced  amazing breakthroughs in my life. I began to love and appreciate ME for the first time. I understood the importance of putting my own needs first. It helped me to cope with things that I was confronted with in my life and to make new and better choices that helped me to experience a life that I never thought possible.


This was the defining moment for me in choosing to become a life coach. I wanted to help others the same way my coach helped me.


Over the years, I have absorbed myself in enhancing my skills and evolving my coaching practice. I've worked with many modalities, however, I'm most intrigued by incarnation and the Soul, which led me to Soul Realignment®.


Being a Soul Realignment® Professional has not only helped me in my personal life, but also as a coach.


I've discovered that healing takes many forms and rarely follows a simple, straight path. I also know for sure that healing requires that our hearts and souls be on board.


I believe true healing helps us to grow as a person and to let go of patterns, habits, and beliefs that do not support us in living an abundant life - an abundance of health, physical vitality, fulfillment and time.  And I'm here to make that happen.


Don’t wait as long as I did. Take your life back now by creating the life you desire.